Welcome to Jana-Tantra!

Namaste, dear guest! I'm happy that you have found my web site. I would like to seduce you to spend a while of your time with me. In a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, I would like to perform the ancient tantra ritual with you. Accompanied by the sounds of Eastern music and Oriental fragrances you should go on a journey into the world of tenderness, of well-being and eroticism. When your breath and your heartbeat quitened, not only my hands but my whole body will provide touch for unknown feelings with you. Not the climax, but the way is the goal! Experience how my body slides across your oiled back and my hands spoil your most sensitive parts of the body.

My regular customers call me Nefertiti, the Queen of tenderness. Come and find out why!

With love from heart to heart, Jana

My Service

The tantra massage is a combination of sensitivity, sensuality and eroticism. It helps us to rediscover the perfection of contact, which gives us the sense of touch. It is to feel a new way to explore us and opened an infinite pleasure feelings that gradually take possession of the entire body to help finally to physical and mental relaxation.

My Service includes the following treatments:
- Tantra-Massage
- Lingam-Massage
- Prostata-Massage

Prices and times

I work only on dates and with advance reservation. Pleasse give me a call or write an SMS or Whats App message to arrage a service date. Pricing depends on, in addition to the duration, very heavily on the agreed service. Showers and preliminary talks of course are not included the service time! Calls with hidden call number will not be accepted.

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